Reading List

Intro Short Readings

Want to learn more about democratic socialism? Here are some short perspectives that we like.

Hello there. In the DSA New Orleans Political Education Committee, we’ve put together a list of introductory resources about democratic socialism and adjacent topics. You don’t have to read all of this to be a socialist. You don’t have to read any of it to be a socialist. But you may be curious. If you are curious, and you’d like to learn more, here are some good places to start.

Democratic Socialism

Queer Socialism

Socialist Feminism

Healthcare for All

Economic Justice

Race & Socialism

Organizing Tactics

Longer Reads

Here are some longer reads and other media about socialism that we like. Like the others, you don’t have to read these. But we think that if you are interested in socialism, you might like these too.

Marxism Classics




Labor Organizing