New Member Resources

Welcome to New Orleans DSA! We’re excited to meet you and get you involved soon – here are a few resources for you to check out as you decide how you see yourself fitting into the group

Frequently Asked Questions
You have questions! We have answers. Go here for information about DSA, chapter leadership and structure, and more.

Get involved! Go here for information about ongoing campaigns within the chapter.

National Events
Staff and national committees regularly organize video conference calls on a variety of topics, ranging from training sessions on tools we use to mobilization for political campaigns.

Organizer Toolkit
Tools for facilitating meetings, planning events, and doing list work.

Slack Guide
What is Slack, and how do I use it?

New Orleans DSA Chapter Bylaws 
The official Bylaws governing our chapter.

Suggested Reading
A list of suggested articles, essays and books compiled by our Political Education Committee.

Robert’s Rules Cheat Sheet
A guide to the rules we use when conducting business at meetings

Harassment Policy
Our chapter has implemented the national DSA Harassment Policy, which helpfully has its own Frequently Asked Questions guide on the national DSA website! To get in touch with our Harassment and Grievance Officers, you can email to ask them questions and inform them of any inappropriate behavior, or simply fill out this form.

Submit a reimbursement request
If you purchased something for New Orleans DSA, fill out this form to get reimbursed!

Submit a request to Communications
For flyers, video, design, writing, and other propaganda content!

DSA’s National Structure – How Does It All Work? 

Curious about how to get involved in national DSA working groups or committees? Learn more here about how these national formations are structured and what they are up to!

2020-2021 General + Local Council Meeting Schedule

Our General Meetings are the monthly gatherings of our chapter membership. This is where we debate and make decisions as a chapter about what our work should look like. They are held on the fourth Saturday of each month. Local Council meetings are meetings of the elected leadership of our chapter, and they are held on the first Monday of each month.

Organizing Resources: 

YDSA Resources: